Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Holiday Weekend

This weekend was sort of a review of our week. The kids decided they wanted to do more tie dye because Ben hadn't gotten to do it the first time around. I have to say I'm getting much better at this. I am mastering the rubber-banding process and actually got some nice patterns on the shirts this time. Benjamin seemed to like this much more than Celie and he was very meticulous in covering every inch of fabric with dye. He also insisted in using each and every color in each shirt he made. Celie on the other hand just scattered paint on her shirts and was left with a lot of white space and a little color.

We finished up the shirts with iron on transfers I had bought for Charlie. Celie ended up stealing one for her shirt that said 'Shake, Rattle and Roll' she loved the shirt so much she put it on the minute it left the dryer. She even traded a dress for it and if you know my daughter you know that is big time stuff. She is currently sleeping in it as well. Glad to know she enjoyed at least one project we've done.

My sister came over this week and saw the plant signs we had made for the garden. She loved them so much she insisted we make some for her garden so while Ben was spending the night we whipped out the wood planks, outdoor paint and printed vegetable pics and decorated another 18 signs. Ben went for a Plants VS. Zombies theme and drew pictures of the many sunflowers and zombies that terrorize the video game all over his. They came out rather cute. Celie was already bored of this project having done it two days earlier so she ended up painting maybe two of her signs and then ran off to play on the swing set leaving me the job of painting the rest. Oh well, Toni got her signs and we had a bit of bonding time.

Next week I think we will take on the 1000 piece Wizard of Oz puzzle my uncle purchased for Cecilia a few months ago. She has been pestering me to let her open it since she brought it home and I have been putting it off for selfish reasons but since this is the Summer of Self Improvement I have no excuse not to open and tackle this monstrous puzzle. Maybe we will even seal it and frame it when we are done. I can only hope this project will keep her attention and it won't be another I take on alone. Will keep pictures of our progress along the way and post them when we complete it. Happy jigsawing!

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