Monday, June 14, 2010

No Kissing Allowed

Since the birth of Charlie my husband Andy has had a renewed since of family. It's not that he hasn't always been a wonderful husband and father but watching Charlie's birth reminded him how precious his family is. The same thing happened after the birth of Cecilia.

Andy is not much of a PDA (public display of affection) kinda person. He has been this way ever since I met him. He will not spontaneously kiss or hug or even hold hands unless initiated by me or Cecilia but recently he has made it a point to kiss the entire family goodbye each time he leaves the house. You know the kind, a quick peck kind of kiss. Well this has begun to stress my daughter out something fierce.

It's not the fact that he kisses her and Charlie goodbye. That seems to be alright in her book, it's the fact that he kisses me goodbye that has gotten her shorts in a twist. This protest of our kissing was originally brought to my Mother's attention Saturday night when Celie voiced her disgust over it and even decided that a NO KISSING sign needed to be made for our living room. Of course Andy and I have found this absolutely hilarious and take every opportunity to torture the child. Announcing things like "Don't look now Celie - I'm gonna kiss Mommy goodbye" or other obnoxious announcements that bring a smile to her face but also that not again look.

This morning I was told that kissing in the living room is disgusting and that we were only allowed to go into the bedroom if we wanted to kiss. Of course all this attention has stressed my poor NO PDA husband and we are now back to our old "see you later, love you" routine. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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