Monday, June 7, 2010

Smart sAss Baby

So when I said this was the Summer of Self Improvement I wasn't kidding. I have decided to overload myself with tons of new projects and pretty much cram everything I have ever wanted to do into the shortest amount of time possible. I'm also loving every minute of it!

I am so excited about my newest endeavor, please give a round of applause for

Smart sAss Baby - attitude tee's for kids with attitude

I have taken my love for amature graphic design, mixed it with my love of children's clothing and added my desire to craft and created a new pet project.

Each design has been created unique by me, some of the sayings are my originals, some are good ol' favorites but each shirt has been designed for Smart sAss Baby by lil 'ol me. The greatest part is...if I don't end up selling anything I will still have fun and it will all be stuff Charlie and Celie can use and wear! Win/Win

I have about 19 designs already done and uploaded into the shop and I am working on more each night. I have tons of ideas and am so motivated to keep creating!

Hope you all browse the shop and give me your feedback. Anything you'd like to see created. All ideas welcome. Facebook page to come with coupons and special offers!


  1. LOVE the new site and your creative shirts, etc! Good for you Bridge -

  2. I LOVE this!!! You are so darned creative it makes me sick and I am so proud to know you!!!!
    Love Gail