Friday, July 23, 2010

Introducing my wonderfully verbal nephew Ben

My nephew Ben is about the funniest thing you have ever met in your entire life. I have repetitively told his mother that she needs to start a blog called Life With Ben or Bennyisms or something of that nature because the things that come out of this 6 year old's mouth are too much to handle with a straight face. This was our conversation during our car ride today after his Summer Camp Talent Show. He is in blue and I'm in purple. I'll let the story speak for itself...

Aunt Bridget when you start teaching Drama Kids I'll take the class and then I will be a great actor someday.

That's wonderful B-

Yeah and I'll also be in a band so I'll be like a fantastic rockstar

Sounds great Ben, wh-

Yeah and I'm also gonna be a WORLD famous author and write tons of stories and books that they are gonna sell ALLLLL over

You'll be a triple threat!

(Stops in mid ramble) What's a triple threat Aunt Bee?

Well that's someone who is good at all the arts, singing, dancing, acti-

Well why are they a threat? Are they dangerous
No, it just means that if you are good at all three things than your more likely to get jobs than people that are just good at on-

OH well then I'm gonna be a MILLION TIMES THREAT cause I'm gonna be good at like EVERYTHING and I'm gonna be the most famous video and computer game designer for my favorite video game company Pop Cap, but their not better than Nintendo they are just my favorite computer game designers and they do IPhone stuff too - so I'll be taking jobs from EVERYONE including you Cecilia - no offense - and well I'll take your jobs too but not your cheerleading jobs - you can have them because I don't want to be good at cheerleading thats for girls but I'll be good at everything else. AND of course I'm gonna be President - do you think Charlie is going to want to be President too? Who would you vote for Aunt Bee if me and Charlie were gonna be running for President, huh?
Well Ben, I don't think I can pick between my favorite nephew and my son. Why don't you be President and Charlie can be your Vice President because he is younger than y-
What's a Vice President? Well that is the second in command. He or she helps the President run the country and if something ever happens to the President the Vice President moves up and becomes the Presid-

So like if I die, Charlie will take my job?

Well that a bit morbid Ben but I suppose s-
Well than that won't work because I want to be President not Charlie. Maybe he can be in my band instead.
So Ben, how are you gonna have time to do all this AND be President of the United States too.

Well, that is quite simple Aunt Bee - I'm going to do all the other stuff while I am younger and then when I am older but not President Old I'm gonna be an author

Ben, how old IS President old.
I don't really know but it's old so I can do lots of other stuff before I do that. Cause I'll have plenty of time. So Aunt Bee anyway, are you gonna vote for me when I am President?

Of course Ben

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