Friday, July 9, 2010

What It Means To Be A Mom

What it means to be a Mom:

  • No longer being allowed to enter a bathroom alone EVER AGAIN
  • Taking a shower faster than it takes the baby to wake up
  • Knowing whether the poopie diaper smell lingering in the air belongs to your child or another because you know what your child's poop smells like (you say eww but you know it's true)
  • having super sensitive hearing that can pick your child's cry out of a dream filled sleep or a busy store
  • Answering "What" every time you hear someone call "Mommy" whether your child is with you or not.
  • Never having an outfit that doesn't have a coordinating spit up stain somewhere on it.
  • Having the coordination to answer the phone, read your emails, talk to your husband and rock a bouncy chair with your foot all at the same time
  • Knowing every word to whatever new pop sensation is "in" this week and having them play over and over and over and over until you hear them in your dreams
  • Even though you hated it as a kid - Knowing spit REALLY DOES clean everything
  • Your pocketbook contains more child amusement items than actual adult things
  • You don't even bother wiping the spit off your face from the sloppy kisses
  • The underneath of your couch cushions has become a hiding place for barbie shoes and crayons
  • Finding yourself hanging upside down over the bed at 3 AM frantically looking for the pacifier that fell out of the bassinett before the screaming wakes up the whole house
  • You've never actually called a pacifier a pacifier
  • You have named all of your infants toys for him - his lovey, the boobear, the mimi
  • Mastering the one arm pick up baby maneuver
  • Getting over the germophobia issue you had prior to your first child
  • Catching yourself singing children's songs in the car - when your by yourself
  • If you find yourself purchasing baby wipes in stead of cleaning supplies because they work just as good and are much more handy
  • Your idea of a good restaurant is now one that doesn't roll their eyes when you walk in with two in tow
  • and taken from a online submitter....You know you are a mom if you realize wanting a baby is the dumbest, craziest, most idiotic wonderful idea you ever had. From Monica Williams

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