Sunday, July 11, 2010

Join me for a Sneak Attack

Many of you have heard me (or read me lol) talk about the Handmade Movement and their weekly Sneak Attacks. For those of you who don't know here is the reader's digest condensed version (for a more in-depth explanation go to )...

Every week one member of the Handmade Movement picks 2 or 3 new and upcoming ETSY shops that have under 4 sales and surprises them with a night of sales and hearts (adding a shop as a favorite). It allows the new shop to get some exposure and love. Last month I was one of the shops "attacked" and know how exciting it is.

Today is my turn to do the attacking. I have picked three shops and at 7 PM tonight they will be announced on the Handmade Movement thread at

PLEASE take the time to not only visit the thread and chat with a great group of people but stop by the shops I have chosen and show them some love through hearts and maybe even some purchases. Each shop has a good amount of items under $10 so they won't break the bank.

Don't forget to like the handmade movement on FB at and check out the website at Enter to win this week's giveaway - a fantastic bracelet from Shades of Victoria on Etsy. Link for this giveaway is on the right of the screen on the website. Winners will be announced at Thursday's Sneak Attack.

Remember - The Handmade Movement is not an official Etsy Team, there are no rules or membership steps to go through before you can join. By showing up and participating you are part of the group. Anyone and everyone is welcome at the Handmade Movement so stop by and help us MAKE SOMEONE'S DAY!

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