Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Slacking off

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I have truly been slacking off on my promise to myself that I would write here at least twice a week. It's not like I don't have a million of things in my head that I want to write down but the hustle and bustle I have been in lately has not given me time to do anything but run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I have started on my line of Career Shirts for Adults. I love the way they are coming out and enjoy coming up with new sayings and designs. My hands can't keep up with my brain and I have over 50 one-liners written on my desktop Stickies app. I posted some of them with this post, feel free to comment suggestions. I welcome the constructive criticism. I am hoping to have them uploaded to Etsy by the end of this week.

Another great accomplishment for Smart sAss Baby is the sale of my custom shirts at a local shop here in NY. Salon Texture will be featuring Smart sAss Baby T-shirts in their front gift area! What a exciting milestone for me. I also got to design my first custom order for a great customer this week.

In addition to all my other endevors I have most recently become a Madison Handbag consultant. Just another way to support Handmade! All of these fantastic handbags are sewn locally in Troy, NY by a team of talented seamstresses. Customers can host or attend a party and custom design their bag by chosing one of the 18 different designs of pocketbooks and over 70 designer fabrics. They are a great quality product and I'm really excited to be representing them, especially since I have spent so much money purchasing them it will be nice to start making money off of them LOL

Off to bed for me - more to come I promise.

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